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Global Talent Stories: Gives a Voice to the Talents Shaping the Tourism of Tomorrow

January 15, 2022

Whether it’s guest experiences, renovation projects, or responsible and committed initiatives, we aim to shine a light on the inspiring actions of our teams by giving them a voice.

In more than 20 countries, over 500 Talents are working every day to spread our values and create experiences that are even more innovative and rooted in our guests’ local communities. Their creativity, daring, and passion for service are the backbone of our Group, and are redefining the guest experience through innovative services that reflect the local culture. It is a daily commitment that also strengthens our vision of holistic approach, which positively impacts everyone involved, including teams, guests, partners, and local communities.

We are nurturing the tourism sector for tomorrow in various countries. This is how Suresh Kriplani, Pradeep Kishnani and JaiKishan Tewani are mentoring young talents and nurturing the next generation of travel and tourism leaders. A more holistic approach of apprenticeship that allows home-grown talents to fulfill their careers at the Blueberry group. They share their personal and professional experiences within the group members. This initiative strives to give all candidates a chance to shine, to ensure an inclusive workplace, and to promote the country’s unique culture.

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